Colin Is Changing His Name – Sibling Rivalry Press,  June 2017

Journal Publications

“Divination,” Art Focus Oklahoma, Winter 2019

“Queer Southern Monument,” Cherry Tree, Issue 5

“Hymn to A Waterbed,” The New Territory, Issue 6

“On Dancing In Public,” Third Coast Magazine, Issue 45

“Migration,” Zone 3, Vol 33. Issue 1

“Bear,” Ghost City Review, February 2018

“On Dancing the House Down,” Four Ties Lit Review, August 2017

“On Dancing With Southern Boys” and “Sisyphus,” Wraparound South, June 2017

“Monsoon,” Muse/A, June 2017

“Supercell,” Bodega, No. 56, April 2017

“Slow Testament,” and “Wolf,” Ninth Letter, Winter 2017

“On Dancing in Shackles,” If You Can Hear This: Poems in Protest of An American Inauguration, Assaracus, No. 25

“Siren,”  The Boiler, Fall 2016

“Approaching Infinity,” Redivider, No. 13.2

“Found,” “All He Left,” “Leaving Song,” “Hungry Work,” “Sleep Over,” “The Story Retold, With All the Right Players,” Assaracus, No. 20

“Zone of Silence” – Burnt District, No. 4.1

“Soft Mouth” – Ghost Ocean, No. 16

“Tallahassee Rain” – Moon City Review, 2015

“Stairs To Nowhere” and “Hook Echo” – Pembroke Magazine, No. 47

“Pollox” and “The Battle of Vicksburg” – Nude Bruce Review, No. 2

The Moment Where God Says,” “Canyon Lake,” “Soul Jacket,” and “Litany” – Eunoia Review, Fall 2012

“On Meeting You” – Short, Fast, and Deadly, August 2012

“Driving to Memphis in a Storm” – Columbia Poetry Review, No. 25

“Super Collider” – Stone Highway Review, No. 2

Poems in Anthologies

“Past Lives While Taking Selfies for Grindr,” and “Two Boys Playing House,” The Southwest Anthology: The Best of the Writing Programs, Texas Review Press.

“Things Come Back,” “To Hell With Love,” “The Heart is a Shotgun House,” and “The Boy Becomes a Stag” – The Queer South: Poems and Essays, Sibling Rivalry Press

“Leaving Ashlee” – Aim for the Head: An anthology of Zombie Poetry, Write Bloody Press




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